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At Schwob Building Company, we understand that every client and project is unique. Whether you choose the single source approach through a Design/Build arrangement or already have a design team, we can tailor a Project Delivery Method to meet your individual needs. We are a knowledgeable company and can guide you from Pre-Construction through project completion.

Schwob Building Company provides our construction services to clients throughout the nation. On any given day, our project teams collaborate on project separated by 2,000 miles or more. Whether you are in Shafter, California or Horseheads, New York; Laredo, Texas to Williston, North Dakota Schwob Building Company can complete your project.

We have assembled a team that possesses the highest level of knowledge, skill and experience for creating a seamless project delivery. Our project team is committed to providing you the necessary staff and resources to execute your project both timely and cost consciously, while achieving the highest level of quality, safety and client satisfaction. Our repeat client retention rate of ninety-seven percent (97%) is a testament to these self-fulfilling efforts.

We look forward to exceeding your expectations at every level.

  • Our Project Delivery Methods and Services Include:
  • Pre-Construction Services
  • Design/Build
  • Construction Management
  • Bid/Build
  • Build/Leaseback

Pre-Construction Services

Schwob Building Company strives to provide value through every step of the construction process. We understand that many decisions are made early in the planning and budgeting stage of the project. This process requires conceptual estimating, design development, scheduling and value engineering to help each client determine how to best build their project before it is committed to plans for final pricing therefore reducing overall project duration and cost. Determining clear project objectives early in the process correlates into a much more successful project and higher customer satisfaction.

  • Our pre-construction services include the following:
  • Feasibility Studies/Pro Forma
  • Site Selection
  • Site Assessment and Evaluation
  • Preliminary Site layout
  • Zoning, Platting and Permitting
  • Budgeting and conceptual Estimating
  • Design Assistance/Development
  • Design Review and Constructability Analysis
  • Development of Company Standards and Programming


The DB process has been proven to provide significant benefits to the owner in regards to scope, cost, schedule and quality. Schwob's DB approach provides the owner with an advisor knowledgeable in all aspects of design and construction. Schwob works with the owner to fully understand all aspects of the owner's business program, thereafter managing the design and construction on behalf of the owner, allowing him to focus on his business.

  • DB Advantages:
  • Single knowledgeable point of contact
  • Meeting Owner's program in the most cost effective way
  • Known outcome from the beginning
  • Project cost established earlier
  • Cost estimates updated at each major design phase
  • Drawings scrubbed early and often
  • Shortened project duration
  • Fewer changes
  • Overall cost savings
  • Greater quality control.
  • Proactive project management
  • Manage design and construction on owner's behalf
  • Most value for the dollar

Construction Management

Construction Management is one of the most widely accepted construction deliveries utilized today. Providing collaboration between the contractor, design team and owner, the Construction Management approach offers effective controls of a project - from early planning to project completion.

  • Construction Management Advantages:
  • Project goald are shared by Contractor, Design Team and Owner
  • Promotes team atmosphere
  • Fewer changes
  • Lower costs
  • Shorter schedule
  • Earlier Occupancy
  • Quicker operations cash flow
  • Early Establishment of Budget
  • Accurately update budget early and often.
  • Manage design to an established budget
  • Greater Savings on Owner Interim Costs
  • More Innovative Solutions
  • Greater Control
  • More Experience
  • Highest Level of Quality - Design/Build
  • Build/Leaseback


Despite the substantial advantages of speed, quality and cost of both Design Build and Construction Management, the competitive bid process, or Bid-Build, is still utilized as an approach for turning customer plans into reality. Schwob Building Company employs one the strongest estimating departments in the industry, utilizing state of the art software and subcontractor relationships that have been developed over the past 30 years.

  • Schwob’s Advantages in Bid-Build process:
  • Few contractors can compete with Schwob dollar for dollar.
  • Our team offers innovative value engineering ideas.
  • Strong relationships with quality columncontractors
  • Strong financials
  • Impeccable history of customer satisfaction
  • A Few Things to Consider on Your Next Bidding Project:
  • Pre-Qualify the Bidding Contractors - First call and check references to short list contractors.
  • Interview each firm prior to the bid (meet project personnel, discuss project type experience, discuss warranty process).
  • Request Financials – Do not put a $15M/year firm on a $15M project – Even if they say they can bond it.
  • Putting an unqualified firm on the bid list deters the good contractors – Project destined to fail.
  • A Maximum of Three (3) Pre-Qualified firms provide “Perfect Competition”.
  • More than three (3) Pre-Qualified firms reduce columncontractor interest, providing less competitive pricing for you project.
  • During the bid process, find out who is asking the questions – contractors that do not ask questions create the questions and problems during the construction process, costing your project time and money.

Build/Lease Back

In addition to simply providing quality design and construction, Schwob offers the financial ability to provide a Build-Leaseback package. This process affords clients the ability to construct a custom facility, while minimizing company resources, by allocating company capital for operational resources - and not real estate. In addition to dramatic capital savings there could be substantial tax benefits as well. Please check with your accountant or financial officer to discuss the potential advantages of this delivery.

  • A Typical Build-Leaseback process is as follows:
  • Analysis of Owner Needs
  • Conceptual Cost Analysis – Land and Building
  • Establish Preliminary Lease Term and Rate
  • Site Selection Process
  • Preliminary Project Design and Pricing
  • Finalize Lease Term and Rate
  • Purchase Land/Plat Property
  • Finalize Design
  • Permitting
  • Construction
  • Owner Occupancy


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