About Schwob International

Schwob International has developed from our long standing relationships with international oil and gas companies. Out of our enduring loyalty and customer service, our clients requested our services internationally. This move to take our services abroad has proved beneficial for our clients and our Schwob team.

We pride ourselves in being an international resource to our clients by offering a well-rounded international team; our teams range from the upper manager to the tradesmen. A few of the keys to our success include self-performing all facets of the project as well as training and empowering the local worker. Designs must fit the environment, cultural base and resources to insure quality and efficiency, which we have already proven in Mexico, Africa, the Middle East and beyond.

Our US based design through BIM modeling and fabrication services help to solve the problem of remote site plant construction. Our team can design, model, fabricate, package, ship and erect a complete plant in recorded breaking time. This helps eliminate the struggles with remote fabrication logistics by reducing the majority of field fabrication and has been proven by our success in Iraq.

Relationships are our key to international success. We engage and foster relationships within the local community including their leaders, and contractors. To meet the local wants and needs of a community Schwob always extends our utmost respect for local cultures and diligently conveys our willingness to work together for the success of our projects: we make every effort to work with or partner with a local contractor.


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