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Schwob International has developed from our long standing relationships with international oil and gas companies. Out of our enduring loyalty and customer service, our clients requested our services internationally. This move to take our services abroad has proved beneficial for our clients and our Schwob team.

We pride ourselves in being an international resource to our clients by offering a well-rounded international team; our teams range from the upper manager to the tradesmen. A few of the keys to our success include self-performing all facets of the project as well as training and empowering the local worker. Designs must fit the environment, cultural base and resources to insure quality and efficiency, which we have already proven in Mexico, Africa, the Middle East and beyond.

Our US based design through BIM modeling and fabrication services help to solve the problem of remote site plant construction. Our team can design, model, fabricate, package, ship and erect a complete plant in recorded breaking time. This helps eliminate the struggles with remote fabrication logistics by reducing the majority of field fabrication and has been proven by our success in Iraq.

Relationships are our key to international success. We engage and foster relationships within the local community including their leaders, and contractors. To meet the local wants and needs of a community Schwob always extends our utmost respect for local cultures and diligently conveys our willingness to work together for the success of our projects: we make every effort to work with or partner with a local contractor.

Basra Industrial Community (BIC)

The Basra Industrial Community (BIC) is a 17,400 square meter camp and office complex situated within the North Rumaila Oil Field in Southern Iraq; approximately 65 kilometers from Basra International Airport. BIC is strategically located in what we have termed “Oilfield Alley” to directly support all ongoing IOC ground operations within Southern Iraq. The camp shares the same area as approximately 40 companies including: Gulf Pearl, Unaoil, Baker Hughes, Schlumberger, Lukoil and Saipem. Due to the close proximity to major highways, we are geographically positioned to support oil field operations.

The facility provides a single source solution to support your Iraq operations. We strive to provide the best accommodations and services available. We offer quality housing, catering, security, medical and support services. BIC has the capabilities to deliver a comprehensive range of services to a broad range of clients, from small, private companies to large multi-nationals. By outsourcing these services to us, our clients are free to focus on their core business. Our facility offers an affordable solution that is tailored to the specific requirements of our guests.

Our intention is to ensure for the comfort and safety of our clients by providing quality service from start to finish. BIC maintains the best security, housing, meals, recreation and workspace allowing our guests to focus more on their core business and less on life support.

BIC recognizes that our clients are looking to ensure the highest quality service to efficiently support their operations while meeting the highest health, safety and environmental standards. We have the capability to achieve these goals and deliver unparalleled food and support services consistently, daily and, above all, safely.

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Schwob Building Company is committed to safety. It is our belief that a safe workplace results in improved productivity and higher quality. In order to reinforce this belief, Schwob has instituted a program that rewards employees and subcontractors alike for working safely.

Schwob’s full time safety manager’s random and frequent job site visits is yet another check level to ensure that the work being performed is done safely. The safety manager is also dedicated to keeping Schwob’s detailed safety program current and up to date with the most recent improvements in safety procedures and or products.

  • Safety Commitment:
  • Safety Results:
  • Full Time Safety Manager on Staff
  • Higher Morale
  • Continuous training for all employees
  • Increased Productivity
  • Rewards program
  • Higher Quality
  • Shortens Schedule
  • Peace of Mind

Career Opportunities

The foundation of a great company is outstanding people. Since 1977, Schwob has grown its reputation by attracting and maintaining great people.

Unlike large organizations that experience extensive growth and decline periods during an economic cycle, Schwob believes in solid, year-over-year growth, regardless of economic conditions. We hire people for careers, not jobs.

Schwob has a tough and solid culture founded on the principles of work ethic, character and desire to succeed. If you have the dedication and ability to grow our organization, we would like to hear from you.

Please submit your resume to: (please differentiate the qualities and experience that make you a stand-out candidate) employment@schwob.com

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer


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