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About Schwob

Schwob Energy Services is one of the most dynamic oil and gas general contractors in the business. With centuries of combined experience our team continues to innovate to meet our clients’ needs. Our commitment to retaining lifelong customers is unparalleled. We offer you professional, complete energy construction services from the well-head to storage and all points in between. Choose Schwob Energy Services for your next station, plant or pipeline project and ensure that your assets are developed safely and on time.

Genuine Relationships

Establishing relationships that are founded on trust, shared understanding and mutual benefits with uncompromising integrity.

Superior Services

Providing innovative and creative-thinking personnel at every level, who work to achieve the project objectives set by our clients.

Environmentally Aware

Working diligently to make sustainable construction practices our top priority, allowing future generations to prosper.


Schwob Building Company is committed to safety. It is our belief that a safe workplace results in improved productivity and higher quality. In order to reinforce this belief, Schwob has instituted a program that rewards employees and subcontractors alike for working safely.

Schwob’s full time safety manager’s random and frequent job site visits is yet another check level to ensure that the work being performed is done safely. The safety manager is also dedicated to keeping Schwob’s detailed safety program current and up to date with the most recent improvements in safety procedures and or products.

  • Safety Commitment:
  • Full Time Safety Manager on Staff
  • Continuous training for all employees
  • Rewards program
  • Safety Results:
  • Higher Morale
  • Increased Productivity
  • Higher Quality
  • Shortens Schedule
  • Peace of Mind

Career Opportunities

The foundation of a great company is outstanding people. Since 1977, Schwob has grown its reputation by attracting and maintaining great people.

Unlike large organizations that experience extensive growth and decline periods during an economic cycle, Schwob believes in solid, year-over-year growth, regardless of economic conditions. We hire people for careers, not jobs.

Schwob has a tough and solid culture founded on the principles of work ethic, character and desire to succeed. If you have the dedication and ability to grow our organization, we would like to hear from you.

Please submit your resume to: (please differentiate the qualities and experience that make you a stand-out candidate) employment@schwob.com

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer


2349 Glenda Lane, Dallas, TX 75229

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