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BIC Security: Basra Industrial Community

Security at BIC is provided by Legend Security Services (LSS, Alastora) Ministry of Interior Number 44. LSS is a fully licensed and insured Iraqi owned company. The company is operated, trained and mentored by a team of expatriate managers, to the high standards required by International Oil Companies (IOCs) operating in Iraq. LSS provides qualified, trained, vetted and MOI approved armed security.

All guard towers and entry/exit gates are manned by armed guards. In addition, the lodge is monitored by CCTV cameras 24/7 through our operations center. BIC access and exit control measures have been put in place which exceeds the IOC requirements.

BIC is committed to Iraq and prides itself in having built long-term business relationships, showing dedication to the rebuilding of Iraqi infrastructure and the economy. As part of the local engagement strategy, all Iraqi guards are sourced from the local area.

Operations Center

The fully operational security operations room is established within the BIC Camp. This Operations Centre shall be staffed at all times with expatriate oversight.

Access Control

All Personnel will enter the camp through designated access gates manned and controlled by armed security personnel. A badge system has been established to detect and prevent persons attempting unauthorized entry into the camp. All personnel requiring admission into the camp shall apply, through their employer, to the Security Department for the appropriate Visitors / Temporary / Permanent identity badge. Persons without a proper access badge will not be permitted except with the approval of the Site Security Manager.

BIC has been designed with a dedicated vehicle parking area to keep vehicle traffic completely separated from living facilities. Vehicle entry application permits shall be completed and issued for all convoys, deliveries, etc. entering the camp. Temporary passes will be granted only if an application has been approved 24 hours prior to vehicle entry.


CCTV has been installed as a means to record camp activity 24 hours a day. The system will be used as a means to monitor traffic/pedestrian flow in and out and record all daily activity as an aid to review incidents as part of the after action review conducted by the Security Director.

Medical Services on Site by RMSI

BIC hosts a dedicated onsite clinic staffed 24/7 by an RMSI Doctor and medical personnel. The clinic’s specialized medical staff is highly trained in providing general occupational medical support as well as responding to medical emergencies. In addition, BIC can perform the required Iraqi blood testing in camp resulting in increased safety as well as substantial cost savings to our residential clients.

The clinic will serve as the first point of contact for all cases onsite. In the event that medical needs exceed the abilities of the onsite clinic, a stabilization and evacuation plan will come into effect.

Points of Contact for Security & Medical Services

UAE: +971 50 943 5820 | Iraq: +964 782 304 3445 | USA: +1 972 243 7674

Basra Industrial Community: Al Muhanseen Q. Near Al Khaleeg Station, Basra Iraq

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