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BIC Security: Basra Industrial Community

The Basra Industrial Community (BIC) is a 17,400 square meter camp and office complex situated within the North Rumaila Oil Field in Southern Iraq; approximately 65 kilometers from Basra International Airport. BIC is strategically located in what we have termed “Oilfield Alley” to directly support all ongoing IOC ground operations within Southern Iraq. The camp shares the same area as numberous companies including: Gulf Pearl, Unaoil, Baker Hughes, Schlumberger, Lukoil and Saipem. Due to the close proximity to major highways, we are geographically positioned to support oil field operations.

BIC is conveniently located 400 meters from the SOC police checkpoint at hwy 8 (Route Tampa). This locates the camp to the west of the oilfields upwind of the pollutants of Rumailia and West Qurna. Providing the best Air Quality environment balanced with close proximity to Rumaila and the West Qurna Super Field. It is the best section of highway for trucking from the Logistic centers of Basra and Um Qsar.

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Basra Industrial Community: Al Muhanseen Q. Near Al Khaleeg Station, Basra Iraq

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