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  • The BIC is owned, managed and operated by expatriate and Arabic staff. We use our years of Iraq experience to offer clients quick solutions to meet their needs.
  • Our links to the local community through employment and outreach programs strengthen security via cultural awareness, ethical treatment, and fair pay.
  • BIC is upwind from the pollutants of North Rumaila and West Qurna, providing the best air quality with close proximity to North Rumaila and the West Qurna super field.
  • Our sleeping quarters are 15 square meters compared to 10 square meters in most other camps, and are accessible through interior corridors.
  • BIC is conveniently located 400 meters from the SOC police checkpoint at hwy 8 (Route Tampa). This is the best section of highway for trucking from the Logistic centers of Basra and Um Qsar.
  • Our food service is exceptional with diverse menus and bi-weekly theme nights.
  • As a local Iraq company, BIC works with native vendors that allow companies to access quality supply chains while supporting the people of Basra and Southern Iraq.
  • BIC offers separate junior and senior level cafeterias.
  • The camp entrance, exit, and buildings are protected by a biometric access controll system that prevents all unauthorized access.
  • Our rooms include fiber internet with 100% VSAT backup. Internet connection is wired CAT6 and protected by a CISCO ASA firewall.
  • BIC provides OSN as well as free to air channels to all rooms. Additionally, each room includes a DVD player, and we have an in-camp DVD rental service.

BIC Overview

The Basra Industrial Community (BIC) is a 17,400 square meter camp and office complex situated within the North Rumaila Oil Field in Southern Iraq; approximately 65 kilometers from Basra International Airport. BIC is strategically located in what we have termed “Oilfield Alley” to directly support all ongoing IOC ground operations within Southern Iraq. The camp shares the same area as numerous companies including: Gulf Pearl, Unaoil, Baker Hughes, Schlumberger, Lukoil and Saipem. Due to the close proximity to major highways, we are geographically positioned to support oil field operations.

The facility provides a single source solution to support your Iraq operations. We strive to provide the best accommodations and services available. We offer quality housing, catering, security, medical and support services. BIC has the capabilities to deliver a comprehensive range of services to a broad range of clients, from small, private companies to large multi-nationals. By outsourcing these services to us, our clients are free to focus on their core business. Our facility offers an affordable solution that is tailored to the specific requirements of our guests.

Our intention is to ensure for the comfort and safety of our clients by providing quality service from start to finish. BIC maintains the best security, housing, meals, recreation and workspace allowing our guests to focus more on their core business and less on life support.

BIC recognizes that our clients are looking to ensure the highest quality service to efficiently support their operations while meeting the highest health, safety and environmental standards. We have the capability to achieve these goals and deliver unparalleled food and support services consistently, daily and, above all, safely.

Al-Mi Schwob / Maraba Al-Iraq Al Khadraa

Schwob is an innovative organization that believes in developing genuine relationships with our clients while delivering superior services at every level. Since 1977, we have been completing quality projects and fostering long-term relationships. Our unparalleled customer retention is a testament to this commitment. We are a safe, financially sound organization with a proven track record to complete facilities at any location on time and within budget.

From our experience in the United States, Mexico and Africa, Schwob expanded our construction and development services to the Middle East, creating Al-Mi Schwob. Al-Mi Schwob is led by Robert Taylor, Harlan Smith, Andrew Erickson and Scott Schwob.

Al-Mi Schwob is devoted to rebuilding the infrastructure and economy of Iraq. As always, Relationships are key to our international success. We engage and foster strong relationships within the local community. Schwob always extends our utmost respect for local people and cultures, and we diligently convey our willingness to work together for the success of our projects. In 2009, we further developed our relationships in Iraq by entering into a strategic partnership with Maraba Al-Iraq Al-Khadraa.

Maraba is an established business partner who has been successful from Majnoon to Zubair. Maraba Al-Iraq Al-Khadra is a self-performing general contractor supplying materials, equipment and logistical solutions from worldwide sources. With employees from Madeana Village, Rumaliah and Zubair, they are a genuine cultural link to the community. As a premier provider of local talent, Maraba has welders, HVAC technicians, estimators, professional trained drivers and craftsmen from all trades. By contracting to the Basra Industrial Community you will add a standby resource to your operations that is second to none.

BIC services are underpinned by a culture of health and safety first in everything we do, and our continuing relationship with Maraba is paramount to our continued safety, quality and success in this region.

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Basra Industrial Community: Al Muhanseen Q. Near Al Khaleeg Station, Basra Iraq

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